Completed Projects

See pictures below of completed projects by Retain Terrain in rock, boulder and concrete sleeper walls:


Sandstone steps Retain Terrain
B Grade Sandstone Retaining wall with Sandstone Steps feature
Sandstone Boulder Wall
This Sandstone Boulder Wall is both  a functional and stunning feature for this pool area.
A Grade Sandstone Rock Wall
A Grade Sandstone Boulder Retaining Wall with Aluminium fence set into the stone.
Random Sandstone Rock wall
Random Sandstone Boulder Retaining wall to created useable space on a steep housing block.
Retain Terrain rock retaining wall
These Terrace  Boulder Retaining Walls increase the useable space on a housing pad.
Retain terrain Sandstone boulder wall
This Boulder Wall was created on a housing pad with tight access.
Retain Terrain rock retaining wall
These Rock Walls increase the useable land on this house block as well as adding a stunning garden feature.